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Finally finished school. Now have 2+ months of FREEDOM (Conditions apply) May be time to get something that resembles a tan. :P So yesterday I finished downloading Allods Online and had time to make this video:

Pretty fun game and amazingly nice graphics for a free MMO so looking forward to release!
My computer slightly broke a few weeks ago, so I reformated it (Unfortunately lost a tonne of Photoshop files + pictures + word files + everything) + installed Windows 7. Everything is about 6x faster as a result so downloading big game clients is a joy. (For now at least)
Will be posting about the usual stuff at the usual irregular times from now on. :)


Crimson Starfire said...

Nice video!

I hadn't seen any gameplay footage of Allods Online until now. Looks very WoW-esk. Not sure it's for me. Might wait a month and see what the reviews turn up.

Congrats on the free time! Wish I could take a month off for gaming... oh man... that would be so sweet!

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