Tis gone

Well, after getting the blue screen of death over and over again, my dad took my computer down to be repaired. A week later they sent me my computer back, saying that I can get all my information back, ie all my files, games etc, and all I needed to do was enter my windows xp product key. I spent a good deal of time looking for it but stupidly I had misplaced it, and now I have the disk but not the product key. So it looks like not only have I lost all my games and files, but also I don't even have a proper OP as I'm on a 30 day trial or something right now. Its a huge pain, especially considering all the files I had (WoW, RoM and all my Photoshop stuff) but that's life. Time to go through the trekload of posts from the past week in Google Reader. :P


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