CoS initial thoughts

Well its only been a couple of days since the announcement that CoS would go free to play prematurely, but already I have seen a population explosion. There are plenty of people running around and zone chat is packed with people asking for help/giving advice. Right now it seems that this new influx of players are quite mature and from the small amount I played this morning there is a great sense of adventure and fun.

One qualm I have right now with the combat system is that it allows you (Logically enough) to run around a creature to avoid its attacks. To be able to fight creature after creature however, it seems as though its essential to do this. As a consequence it can get pretty annoying and headache-inducing when the screen is spinning around for 5 minutes at a time. However, I have discovered a way where only minimal movement will cause you to dodge most of the creature's attacks.
I'm not quite sure what the level cap is, but it seems to be at least 50. The quests are interesting and perhaps for the first time ever I found myself actually reading the non-essential quest text. Now that was something for me! The music is really immersive, and for the first time in a long time I turned off my own music just to listen to it, that's a big one as well. It may seem like I'm gushing here, and its probably a bit silly of me. I'm playing the levels that the developer polished up to a mirror, being the initial levels that were designed to reel in potential subscribers, so it will be interesting to see how the game develops when I hit the original pay to play levels.


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